Summer Academy: An Introduction to Independent Publishing

20.-25. juni 2024

I samarbeid med gjestekurator Scott Elliott arrangerer vi historiens første Tekstallianse Sommerakademi for unge utøvende kunstnere, skribenter og kulrutarbeidere i Vestland og Rogaland. Programmet foregår over fem dager der vi arbeider, bor, lager mat og reiser sammen fra Bergen, til Stord og deretter til Stavanger. Deler av turen reiser vi med selveste Litteraturbåten Epos. Søk eller tips noen du tror kan være interessert!

Søknadsfrist: Send et kort motivasjonsbrev til innen 20. mai. Søkere mellom 18 og 25 år prioriteres, men hør fra deg uansett hvis du er interessert. Full presentasjon under.

Foto: James Hill/NYTimes / Jessica Williams x 2 / Pamflett

Tekstallianse Summer Academy – An Introduction to Independent Publishing

June 20th until June 25th

Spread out over a week at the end of June, the first edition of the Tekstallianse Summer Academy includes a series of workshops as we partner with self-organised publishing initiatives and artist-run spaces throughout Vestland and Rogaland on workshops led by Jessica Williams, Anette Gellein, Benjamin Hickethier and our collaborators at Pamflett. During the week together we will investigate a number of publishing focused workshops, engaging on both a material and discursive level. The Tekstallianse Summer Academy aims to introduce a new audience to Norwegian and international publishing practices, establishing network connections and the tools for initiating self-organised publishing projects.

In this first edition of the Tekstallianse Summer Academy, working, cooking and traveling as a collective, we will create a social and generative space for production and thinking together. The summer school’s focus will be on self-organised publishing, storytelling, site sensitive documentation, audio recording and an introduction to podcasting, riso printing, zine-making, and other strands of contemporary publishing.

The Summer Academy will be held across a number of locations including, Pamflett, Consulatet in Stavanger and Litteraturbåten Epos via which we will travel down the coast to Stavanger. Established in 1959, Litteraturbåten Epos is a floating library that visits the smaller coastal towns along the west coast of Norway.

To secure a place at the Tekstallianse Summer Academy, please submit a short motivation letter to by May 20th. Your motivation letter should also include a note on where you are based as accommodation might be required for some participants.  Travel within Vestland and Rogaland will be covered by Tekstallianse for all participants.

The summer school will be facilitated by Tekstallianse Director Anne Arnesen Mørch and guest curator Scott Elliott, and will take place from June 20th until June 25th.

The Tekstallianse Summer Academy is free to attend, made possible thanks to generous support from Kulturdirektoratet and Vestland fylkeskommune.

About the tutors and collaborators:

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams (b. 1986, Anchorage) is a conceptual artist and publisher with a diverse and social practice centered around belonging, community, and climate change. She has worked with everything from self-publishing and experimental artist books to photography and virtual reality, and is especially interested in intimate and haptic experiences.

Anette Gellein

Anette Gellein (b.1995) is a visual artist from Norway working with film, sound, textile, drawing and performance. Their work is often abstract and theatrical, but at the same time contains a critical approach to language and images. Thematically their work is often about power hierarchies, language and sexuality.

Benjamin Hickethier

In my practice, I am investigating the potentials of critical visual communication, publishing, collaboration and self-initiated projects. As an independent graphic designer/artist* I am working on commission from, and in collaboration with, regional and international cultural organisations, social initiatives and public institutions, as well as with cultural and social workers/producers, while questioning terms and categories like these.


Consulatet is a cooperative of local cultural workers in Stavanger. We aim to provide affordable work space in a stimulating, exploratory artistic community in central Stavanger, and build a supportive and inclusive production environment. Consulatet has an outward-looking profile that invites others in through collaborations, events, concerts, workshops and common areas available for external projects and initiatives.


Pamflett mediates artists’ publications with exhibitions, art book fairs, workshops, launches, talks and other events since 2011, and is a self-publishing workshop and mediation space for artists’ books in Bergen, Norway.

The self-publishing workshop runs on risographs, and are available for Bergen based artists to come and use. Pamflett is a self-publishing workshop and mediation space in Bergen, Norway. We also organize the annual Bergen Art Book Fair. Pamflett is also part of Norsk Risoforening and Kiosken Studio.

Litteraturbåten Epos

Through activities on the boat such as seminars, debates, readings, concerts, exhibitions, school and kindergarten visits, writing courses and the like – the foundation’s mission is to inspire increased interest in Norwegian and international fiction, non-fiction and criticism, with a special eye for the Nynorsk written language. In collaboration with local actors, from festivals to public libraries, interest organizations and businesses, the boat is an arena for cultural events and experiences along the coast.


20 - 25 jun 2024


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